Solid board

Solid boards – a family of boards with different standard interface extensions

Solid board with six +-10V analog outputs and three encoder input

What is Solid board?

  • FPGA based board
  • 100/1000 Mb/s real time Ethernet connection
  • standard interface extension

Preconfigured FPGA

Solid board has a fixed preconfigured FPGA internal structure, optimized for the particular interface.


  • No need for low level interface programming. Interfacing the devices can be achieved simply by interfacing the appropriate hardware block,
  • Higher performance through hardware acceleration,
  • Faster clock rate and application speed due to CPU offloading.

How to program and debug

System can be configured over Ethernet connection (no additional cable is required).

Realtime Ethernet – Time Sensitive Network (TSN)


  • time synchronization
  • trigger synchronization
  • traffic shaping to deliver data without interference
  • latency bounding for time critical applications