Liquid board – FPGA programming can also be easy

What is Liquid board?

  • FPGA based development board
  • Embedded 16-bit MSP430 instruction set compatible microcontroller
  • 100/1000 Mb/s real time Ethernet connection
  • 48 arbitrary configurable GPIOs

Configurable internal hardware

Can be used as a standard microcontroller based board, but in contrast enabling the change of internal hardware, typical for the FPGAs, but without a complicated HDL coding.

Hardware blocks are loaded on a particular location simply by choosing a desired hardware.

Typical microcontroller board with fixed hardware
Liquid board with configurable hardware


  • Loading of required hardware blocks only and positioning them on the arbitrary pin location,
  • No need for low level interface programming. Interfacing external devices can be achieved simply by loading the appropriate hardware block,
  • Higher performance through hardware acceleration,
  • Faster clock rate and application speed due to CPU offloading.

How to program and debug

System can be programmed with standard JTAG interface over Ethernet connection (no additional JTAG cable is required).

Supports on system debugging, hardware breakpoints, instruction stepping and internal memory and registers reading and writing.

Realtime Ethernet – Time Sensitive Network (TSN)


  • time synchronization
  • trigger synchronization
  • traffic shaping to deliver data without interference
  • latency bounding for time critical applications

Looking for custom solution?

Solid Board